You can call, email or fill out an online booking request to our Team at Legend Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic.
By phone: 778-369-9572
By email:
Or by simply filling out our contact form.

We are here to help you on your road to a pain-free life. Simply call the Legend Team to see if our team of professionals and our treatment plans will be able to help you.

Your first visit to Legend Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic is an assessment. We will ask you questions about your injury/ailment and lifestyle and come up with a treatment plan best suited to your cause of pain or injury. After this initial assessment, we will book you an appointment to commence your treatment and your road to recovery.

Ensure you wear something comfortable and loose-fitting, with ease of access to your injury area. Should you forget something loose enough for your treatment, we will have treatment gowns available for your use.

Treatment costs at Legend will vary upon your treatment and the duration of your appointment. Please call or email the Legend Team for current rates.

We provide direct billing for most of the major Extended Health Claim providers. Please provide us with your carrier and we will be able to advise if direct billing is available.For more information on direct billing,click here.

We provide you with an option of either an email reminder or a text reminder of your upcoming appointment 48 hours in advance. Our Cancellation Policy is 24 hours prior to your appointment by either email or phone. Should you miss an appointment or not give sufficient cancellation notice, you will be charged a fee.

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