IMS Treatment

What is IMS – Intramuscular Stimulation?

IMS or “dry needling” is not the typical Chinese acupuncture you have heard about, or perhaps even tried. IMS is a Western-based type of treatment developed by local Doctor, Chan Gunn. Needles, of varying lengths, are inserted into muscles that have shortened or contracted due to injury which causes the muscle to contract or “twitch”. The needle creates a small “wound” that encourages blood flow throughout the muscle and allows your body to heal itself naturally. This treatment allows access to deep muscle layers to reduce pain and provide immediate muscle release


What to Expect during your IMS Treatment?

Your Legend Physiotherapist will assess the injured area to determine a treatment plan then will place tiny monofilament needles into the injured area until the muscle is released. Needles are left in for a time determined by your Therapist and based on your specific injury. Removal is painless and you are left with a feeling of what is described as “relief” of tension in the affected area. And you don’t even need a band-aid! As your muscles adjust to IMS treatments, you may experience some localized soreness for up to a 24 hour period.

What Injuries Can be Treated with IMS?

IMS provides relief of :


 Low back pain

 Chronic tendonitis or bursitis

 Arthritic conditions

 Plantar fasciitis

 Repetitive strain injuries

 Shoulder injuries

 Rotator cuff injuries

 Joint pain

 Restricted range of motion

 Cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis

IMS Intramuscular Stimulation

Payalpreet Kaur, Physiotherapist

Payalpreet Kaur graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Baba Farid University of Health Science (India) in 2011. She worked as a Physiotherapist in India for 4 years in both hospital and clinic-based settings. Since graduating she has acquired a wide range of experience within different sectors of physiotherapy. Payal Immigrated to Canada in 2015 and completed a Canadian Healthcare Content Course at the University of Toronto. She then finished her IEPEP program from UBC in 2017 and passed the Canadian Physiotherapy National Examination. Payal uses a combination of techniques rich in manual therapy including symptom modification, trigger point release, Shockwave Therapy, Functional Dry Needling(IMS) as well as client education and individualized exercise program to achieve client goals. She firmly believes in treating not only patient symptoms but also the source of pain to ensure long-term relief for her patients. Payal’s special interest lies in pelvic health-supporting pre and postnatal clients (During and after pregnancy). She believes in active listening and building an environment for people to feel safe while sharing their stories and seeking treatment with her. She likes to treat all areas of Pelvic Health. Outside work, She loves to spend time with family and to explore beautiful nature.