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Dr. Singh has been super professional and helpful in getting me back to regular life. I recently experienced chronic back pain that was impeding with regular life, as soon as I had my first appointment the pain disappeared and only few days later did it come back but at a much lesser rate. Certainly it takes more than one appointment but the rehabilitation process has so far proven to be exceptional! I’ve recently completed my second visit and have not been disappointed 😁 Office receptionist is also very accommodating and polite, I highly recommend this place.

C. R.

So thankful for the treatment I’ve received after experiencing a prolapse. I’ve gone from feeling heartbroken and ashamed to healthy and happy again. Many thanks to Payal preet for her calm, practical and reassuring attitude that helped me feel better. Have recommended to everyone in my mothers group!

Taran Kaur

This is a great clinic! I've been visiting this clinic since last month. I really like that, Rupinder Singh use hands on techniques and provide exercises I've been to clinics in the past where they just slap a machine on and send you on your way. This clinic is super accommodating to your schedule and offer great hours! Consider them for your next physio session!

Harmanjot Singh Sidhu

The team here at Legend is one of the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey to me. I have been there with my wife for her pelvic floor discomfort and satisfied with their treatment and approach towards her. I would highly recommend this place for any patients suffering from it. Thank You Payalpreet for taking care of my wife and helping her get back better.

Sid Dey

My experience with legend physiotherapy was phenomenal. I had back pain for over 2 years, crippling at times.. The team at legend's physio have me walking, running and even considering going back to rock climbing. I highly recommend legend physio in Surrey for all your physiotherapy needs. Thanks again everyone at Legends.

Curtis Chamber

I would highly recommend this clinic as practitioners were good especially Rupinder Singh who treated my backpain. I was able to fully recover due to his dedication and commitment towards helping patient.


Rupinder Singh is a great physiotherapist. He is knowledgeable and takes time to listen to your problems. This place has been wonderful to me. I had a chronic pain in my shoulder by which I couldn't move but after getting 3 sessions, I felt way more better. 100% recommended.

Rajwant Jassal

Legend Physiotherapy have been great from the first day I walked in, the service was excellent, they were very efficient. Rupinder is a great physio and I highly recommend him for all your physio needs. Payalpreet on the front desk was excellent from taking all details down and making sure all transactions went through smoothly. Highly recommend Legend Physiotherapy Clinic!

Arvind Birk

Legend Physiotherapy have been great from the first day I walked in, the service was excellent, they were very efficient. . .

Abhiroop Bhangu

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