Low Back Pain Treatment in Surrey and Langley

Everyone suffers from back pain at some point after a certain age. Whether you are at a party or traveling, back pain can make your life miserable no matter wherever you are. This is where our back pain treatment in Surrey and Langley comes into play.

We provide comprehensive back pain treatment in Langley and Surrey to relieve your pain and restore normal activity. Our team combines multiple manipulative techniques based on the severity of your pain. We even educate you about the condition, thereby ensuring 100% transparency in back pain treatment in Surrey and Langley.

When to Get Low Back Pain Treatment in Surrey and Langley?

Low back pain symptoms differ from person to person. Some may experience the pain because of a strain in muscles while others may have structural problems or disc injuries. We help you identify the cause before providing you with chronic back treatment in Surrey and Langley.

The pain travels down the back of your legs and is often sharp. You can also feel a strain on the back while doing daily life activities. The other symptoms of back pain are:

- Unable to walk- Serious low back pain makes it impossible to move, stand or walk.

- Stiffness- Muscle stiffness is a common symptom of low back pain which causes difficulty in moving your back.

- Postural problems- Keeping a proper posture becomes painful.

It is better that you opt for our low back pain treatment in Surrey and Langley as soon you experience the initial symptoms. The quicker you get low back pain treatment in Langley, the sooner you recover.

What Causes Back Pain?

We deal with different causes of back pain at Legend Physiotherapy. We identify the key cause before suggesting an effective back pain treatment method in Surrey and Langley. The most common causes are:

- Ruptured or bulging discs

- Ligament or muscle strain

- Osteoporosis

- Arthritis

- Fractures

- Structural problems

- Spondylolisthesis

How can Physiotherapy in Langley Relieve Low Back Pain?

Physiotherapy is used widely to treat low back pain. We provide low back pain treatment in Surrey and Langley every day. Thus, we know it is a common condition. We use it as a single-line treatment or combine it with other treatments for better recovery. Here’s how physiotherapy reduces lower back pain:

  • Stabilization exercises 

Our low back pain treatment in Langley and Surrey often involves improving the strength and stability of muscles. Lower back pain weakens the muscles. But, the stabilization exercises can help you regain your strength.

  • Manipulative physiotherapy 

We target only the specific pain points to relieve your pain. This aspect of low back pain treatment facilitates the mobilization of specific affected areas.

  • Recommendations and advice 

According to evidence, early movement in the case of low back pain acts wonders. Hence, our team guides you to perform effectively early activities for quick recovery.

Why Pick Legend Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain Treatment in Langley?

Legend Physiotherapy houses a qualified and experienced team to provide you with exceptional low back pain treatment in Surrey and Langley. We assess your condition thoroughly to understand what exactly is wrong. Then we prepare a suitable method to treat you.

We recommend specific exercises to treat the pain. The common exercise includes wall squats, ankle pumps, straight leg raises, heel slides and more. Our team is familiar with both active and passive physical therapy. Book your appointment and experience our effectiveness for yourself.